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Benefits Of Hiring A Live Streaming Production Company in Singapore

The business world is constantly changing and adapting to new world developments. In response to the pandemic, more companies are shifting their operations towards virtual events and webcasts.

Rather than hosting in-person meetings, business owners are choosing to stream events as a way to reach out to massive remote audiences without encountering the safety problems that may occur during the physical events.

The demand for live streaming services is growing significantly. Here is how your business can benefit from hiring a video streaming production company to handle your live streaming needs.

1. High-quality streams

Video streaming production companies have professional equipment and access to good content delivery networks to ensure that your video captures high-quality images. When broadcasting live to your viewers, you want to ensure that your stream functions perfectly without technical glitches.

Professional live streaming services can help ensure a consistently high-quality stream that delivers your content to your viewers effectively.

2. Greater audience potential

Physical events tend to limit the number of attendees based on the size of the venue, or in recent context, social distancing measures in place. With live streaming services, you will be able to invite as many people as you like to your event, significantly increasing your audience reach and ROI potential.

Professional video streaming companies are able to provide streaming services with large server capacities. This allows you to make your content accessible to even the most remote of audiences that are usually hindered by geographical or size restrictions.

3. Diverse content use

Live streaming is not just limited to live video and audio streaming services. During your live event, you can have the flexibility to use a variety of different content forms provided by the video streaming service.

This includes the ability to share graphics, photos, music, and even live chat with your audience. Your content can be repurposed in multiple ways in order to engage your audience and maximise your viewership.

4. Cost-effective

One advantage of professional live streaming services is that it is generally more cost-effective than live streaming on your own. Live streaming, especially to a large audience, requires a powerful content delivery network that can support large bandwidths.

Live streaming production companies have access to such platforms which would normally cost you much more to purchase access by yourself.

5. Exceptional customer support

If you have minimal live streaming experience, it can be challenging to troubleshoot technical issues that may arise during the live event. Live streaming companies like JSQ Production have the technical expertise to solve your streaming problems.

When troubles arise, you can rest assured that a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals will provide onsite support to help you deliver content to your audience without any hitches along the way.

Connect with your audience with live streaming services

Live streaming services bring a variety of benefits to your business, allowing you to create and share engaging content. JSQ Production has supported many live events of businesses over the years, allowing them to connect with their audiences no matter how remote they are.

To learn more about event live streaming services provided by our team, drop us an enquiry at info@jsqproduction.com.

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