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Audio Visual Lightings
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Stage Lightings

Light up your production with stage lightings that move with your music.

Stage lighting is a necessity for any concert stage equipment. They not only brighten up the stage, bringing the audience’s attention to your performance, but also move along with the music, making your concert programme appear lively and flawless.

Our stage lightings can be customized to fit any stage size and programme sequence. During the event, our experienced lighting technicians will help to set up and monitor all moving lights and technological equipment, making sure that they are synchronized with your performance.

Reliable stage lighting rental packages in Singapore

JSQ Production works closely with you and your company to conceptualize, plan and manage your events. Depending on your goals, we can tailor a stage lighting rental service package that fits all your budget and requirements.

Our stage lighting rental services can be for, but are not limited to:

  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Dinner & Dance events
  • School performances
  • Weddings



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