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PhotoGRAPHY Studio Rental

Explore the world of photo studio at JSQ Production

Light up and bring your event to life with high resolution LED screens.

Compared to projector screens, LED screens are much sharper and clearer for an outdoor event, especially during the day. They help to bring your event to life by capturing the attention of your audience within the venue.

Our P2.9 LED wall panels are in modules of 500mm x 500mm and are customizable to any size of your preference. A platform riser can also help to raise the LED screen up, so you do not need to worry about visibility on a wide or small stage.

Reliable LED screen rental packages in Singapore

To create an LED experience that is uniquely your own, the team at JSQ Production works closely with you and your company to conceptualize, plan and manage your events. Depending on your goals, we can tailor a LED screen rental service package that fits all your budget and requirements.

Our LED screen rental services include, but are not limited to:

  • Wedding LED screen rental
  • Concert LED screen rental
  • Trade show booth LED screen rental
  • Live streaming events



High-quality video content and photography have now turned into essential elements of showcasing a brand’s uniqueness that is able to bring market conversions. Doing a great photoshoot, a video recording, or streaming a live event always come with its own set of requirements and challenges. Opting for a photography studio rental is the best way to fulfill your event requirements and overcome challenges easily.

Over the past two years, live events have become the topic of the production industry. As livestreaming events can facilitate a large audience despite geographical barriers and for its cost-effectivity, this has become a trending way to hold events at all levels. You may also see this as an effective way to connect with your audience while gaining visibility and reaching goals. This brings the opportunity for you to explore the different studio rental solutions offered at JSQ Production. Check out what we have to offer:

The equipment we offer in our sound system rental includes:

  • 1x Midas M32 Digital Mixer
  • 1x BDS DVD-300 2Side DVD Player
  • 2x RCF NX 45-A Loud Speaker
  • 8x Shure ULXD Beta58 Wireless Mic

For stage lightings, we offer the following in our rental package:

  • 1x Tiger Touch Lighting Board
  • 14x   LED Par
  • 8x   Beam
  • 6x   Pointe
  • 4x Bee Eye
  • 2x 4 Eye Blinder
  • 1x Haze Machine

Our LED wall system package includes:

  • 1x P2.9 – 11m x 3m Curve LED Wall
  • 1x Seamless Processor
  • 1x Video Splicing Processor
  • 1x Macbook


Get the following list of gear in our livestreaming equipment rental package:

  • 1x Computer Desktop
  • 3x Panasonic Video Camera
  • 1x Data-Video Mixer
  • 2x 55' Phillips TV with Stand

Why contact us?

Are you looking for a livestreaming studio for your virtual or pre-recording events? From photo studio rental services to livestream studio rentals, and equipment, JSQ Production is a fully-fledged studio service provider in Singapore. Our studio is equipped with a Professional Sound System and a large curved LED wall with a stable LAN internet connection. The stage size is up to 8mL x 5mD x 6mH. We also provide some of the highest quality recording equipment, cameras, and lights for you to rent for your photography and videography sessions avoiding the trouble of spending money to buy new gear if your company does not have them.

As a service provider for photography studio rental in Singapore, we do not only offer equipment for photo shooting, but also offer expert support, advice, and coordination. This is a service we provide to make your photography and video production easier, smoother, and flawless.


Inquire more about our packages for photo studio rental in Singapore, and other services to make your next event a success.

we have P3.9 Outdoor LED screen that is waterproof. Suitable for events that does not want to have tentage.

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