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LED Screen

Spice up your event with the latest cutting-edge technology!
Go beyond what’s traditional by getting a LED screen rental for your next event.

Light up and bring your event to life with high resolution LED screens.

An LED screen rental is always an excellent option if you want to boost the ante at your next event. Not just the event, but also the entire event goer experience is boosted with an LED screen at the right place. If you want to increase your audience engagement, and entertainment and most of all promote your brand advertisement or hold a virtual party, JSQ Production brings the best LED screens for you to acquire your event objectives.

Compared to projector screens, LED Light up and bring your event to life with our high-resolution screens. Compared to projector screens, LED screens are much sharper and clearer for an outdoor event, especially during the day. They help to captivate and engage your audience, allowing you to bring across your message, idea and keeping them focused on the event rather than their phones! Furthermore, LED screens are widely used nowadays instead of a normal backdrop as you are able to show videos, pictures and even a live video call on zoom (if the person is not able to come down/based overseas) that can be broadcasted onto the screen for the audience to see too.

Our P2.9 LED wall panels are in modules of 500mm x 500mm and are customizable to any size of your preference. A platform riser can also help to raise the LED screen up, so you do not need to worry about visibility on a low stage. To create an LED experience that is uniquely your own, the team at JSQ Production works closely with you and your company to conceptualise, plan and manage your events. Depending on your goals, we can tailor a LED screen rental service package that fits all your budget and requirements. You can adjust the brightness of the screen accordingly to the environment.

Assured picture resolution & quality

Our P2.9 LED wall panels showcase better quality of pictures and videos in terms of clear and sharp projection onto the screen with no pixelations. We assure you that we bring the highest quality LED screens without compromising quality or our word.

Customisable length and height

The LED screen panels can be added on or taken out to fit and adapt to the size of the room or stage or even depending on your wants. You can tell us what you need and we bring that and more!

Versatile screening

Multiple screens of pictures, videos or speaker view can be presented onto the LED screen upon client request. This is a multiple-screen sharing option to provide a real-time speaker view experience during conferences, award ceremonies, and all types of events.

Adjustable brightness level

When certain colours projected on the screen may be too bright or dim, it can be calibrated to go easy on the eyes. According to screen location - indoors and outdoors - auto adjustment and manual adjustments are available.

Indoor LED Wall

The primary purpose of an indoor LED wall is to entertain and engage event attendees through dynamic content. A real-time content experience is a great way to engage the audience in an indoor environment. For example, live camera feeds, live social media screening, real-time polling, and real-time speaker view are great methods to engage your audience during an indoor event. LED wall rental by JSQ Production provides you with great tips to make your next indoor event a great experience for your guests.

The size of the LED screen will be customised and adapted to the space of the room/location. Depending on the lighting of the room, we can adjust it to match the same brightness or however you like so as to deliver the best experience. From afar, our LED screen will be able to attract your attention and bring in customers if you’re using it for product launches, roadshows , etc.

Reliable LED screen rental packages in Singapore

LED screen rental is an excellent solution for any event that requires daytime viewing, outdoor viewing, vivid picture sharing, and mass viewing. It will not only enhance your event experience but also generate revenue reaching event expectations.

To create an LED experience that is uniquely your own, the team at JSQ Production works closely with you and your company to conceptualize, plan and manage your events. Depending on your goals, you can tailor a LED screen rental service package that fits all your budget and requirements.

For a LED screen rental Singapore, none provides anything better than JSQ Production. We have experience in organizing all your events and providing the best LED screen rental packages including customizable packages.

Our LED screen rental services include, but not limited to:

  • Wedding LED screen rental
  • Concert LED screen rental
  • Trade show booth LED screen rental
  • Live streaming events

Outdoor LED Wall

Planning an outdoor event without any shelter and worrying that all the equipment will get wet? Do not need to worry as we have an outdoor LED screen for you. Our outdoor LED video wall panels are waterproof and can stay outdoor for as long as possible! Our outdoor LED screen rental service offers LED screens that are sturdy and durable. When the sun happens to be very glaring, it makes the screen harder to see, so in this case, we can brighten the screen so the audience can see clearer. It means that you are renting a high-quality outdoor LED screen that is able to display videos and pictures for your audience to appreciate without worrying about the weather. We provide you with our outdoor LED screen rental service: screens applied with new technologies to withstand severe weather such as strong winds and heavy rain. For afar, our LED screen will be able to attract the attention of passersby if you’re looking at promoting awareness or conducting celebrations for the community members.

Curve LED Wall

Tired of the common flat LED screen? We can now curve your LED screen into various degrees. This curved LED screen will make your screen look 3D in the audience point of view and make your event even cooler. Curved screens are more beneficial in terms of eye health as well. A curved LED screen mimics your eyes’ curvature providing a more comfortable viewing option and putting less strain on your eyes.

Curved LED screens create strong visual effects. It can deliver images and videos without any distortions and offers a quality viewing experience both indoors and outdoors. You should not ignore the fact that a curved screen is guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention. Moreover, not many will get a chance to work with or see a curved LED screen, so why not take this opportunity to incorporate it into your event!

Screen Splitting LED Screen

The LED screen can be split into different layouts if you have multiple things to show onto the screen. This is a highly recognizable new age technology for events to reach its objectives and more. A split screen epitomizes what is new in the digital world of LED screens and the gap between traditional event screens and new-age LED screens. An example would be if you’d wish to play a video in the centre of the LED screen while having pictures, speaker/audience view at the side or any other things. Want to use a screen splitting LED screen for your next event? Just enquire about us to find out more!

Our LED screen rental services include, but are not limited to:

  • Wedding
  • Concerts
  • Live-streaming Events
  • Trade Show Booth
  • Conferences
  • Dinner and Dance
  • Product Launch
  • Roadshow
  • Award Ceremonies

For more information, contact JSQ Production or click on the button below to directly inquire about us. JSQ Production provides all types of LED screens for different events to bring the digital world vibes to engage your audience. We guarantee that whatever event hopes you have, we bring them into reality and more!

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