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Enjoy the Highest-Quality Videography Services in Singapore for Corporate Events
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Nothing could bring out your event experience, brand uniqueness, and your company story than quality photographs and videos that include everything from compelling content to breath-catching effects. Videography is an important aspect of your marketing strategy. At JSQ Production, we bring a moving appearance and voice to your company with our best quality videography services in Singapore.

We cover all your events as one of the highest-ranked event videography service providers in Singapore. From inception to the final ending, we cover every second of your event capturing the best moments to play and replay under the highest resolution camera view for you to go back to memories of your special event.


What We Do?

Roving Videographer

A roving videographer captures dynamic motion footage capturing every special moment in and around your event area creating memories in videos.

Static Videographer

A static videographer captures full length footage at a single angle view, usually for stage activities, school concerts, seminars, or conferences.

Event Video Highlight

Post-event video highlight summarizes your event in a short video clip of up to 5 minutes featuring the best moments in a single play. This creates a shorter video of the entire occasion highlights to post on social media, company websites, etc. becoming your number one express video highlight provider.

Interview Filming

We are a corporate videography services provider, and by using professional microphones & lighting, we make your interview video look professional.

Video Live Feed

When your event calls for it, discuss with us the different options to stream live footage wirelessly on a large LED screen connecting via Zoom calls and other video communication platforms bringing in a global audience without geographical barriers.


Our multi-camera option gives you more than 3 cameras to have different angle footage views for your event that could either be live streamed or recorded to be created into videos to share as event memories.


We bring pre-recording services, allowing you to avoid NGs for your actual event in real-time.

Live Streaming

Facebook, YouTube, or any other social live streaming platform, we can livestream your event to an international audience enabling a live chat option and more.


From recording fun and creative events to documenting videos of your brand, we bring a number of videography service options to suit all your needs. At JSQ Production, our in-house video production team and industry specialists can cater to you integrating high-quality video using the finest equipment, experience, and industry expertise that is necessary to record, integrate, edit and distribute your videos to a global audience.

We cover several special types of events to bring a massive advantage to your event promotion, business marketing, and branding through cutting-edge videography techniques in Singapore.

Some of the types of events we have covered during our years of service include:
  • AGM Meetings
  • Charity Events
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Dinner & Dance
  • Family Day
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Product Launches
  • Staff Appreciation Night
  • Weddings
Want to know more about our videography services in Singapore? Inquire us and find out more about our professional video production services, what solutions we offer, and how we can help you reach your marketing goals through videography.
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