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What Are The Types Of Event Management?

Event management is a common term used in conversations. However, beyond its literal meaning of managing events, what exactly is event management? Events are held to celebrate special moments. Not just from the objective of these events, but the way events are held, celebrated, and managed make them different. This is the very reason why there are different types of event management services available at an event management company.

Nevertheless, at its core, event management is the process of planning an event from its inception to final execution. This is a general term for any type of event: virtual, hybrid, or physical. Just like everything, the scope of every event management project varies depending on the company size, audience, etc.

In this article, we will look into what event management is and what are the different forms of event management. This way you will understand what type of event management company you should consult for your next event.

Are event management and event planning the same?

Event planning and event management both go by different names. Thus, event management is a fancy word for event planning founded on the grounds of academic and organizational aspects. Similarly, some call themselves event managers, while others call themselves event assistants, event planners, or event coordinators. Yet, there is something common in these titles. All these different titles are associated with events regardless of being large or small, internal or external, virtual or in-person; every individual does the same thing which is planning the events.

What is virtual event management?

In today’s world, not every event is held in person. Virtual events are now a trending way of celebrating anything due to their geographical feasibility. Though most people think that planning and managing a virtual event is easy, it requires the same number of steps that are needed when planning an in-person event. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that your plan is twice as capable and captivating as an in-person event since virtual events are challenging. Through in-person events have free beverages, and interaction with the audience, virtual events mostly rely on the content to keep the attendees' attention. When planning a virtual event, the speakers should be prepared with their content and everything should be interesting and succinct.

What is hybrid event management?

While the event management industry is still getting familiar with virtual events, there is a new event type emerging as a trendy option: hybrid events. As the name suggests, a hybrid event is a combination of a virtual event and an in-person event. This provides the same benefits of both but comes with a set of challenges as well. A hybrid event has two audiences- virtual and physical. In fact, it is crucial to decide which content is provided to each audience. A good hybrid event strategy should be implemented when managing these events since every angle of the event should be taken into account when planning.

Contact the best event management company in Singapore

Event management is generally about pulling together a well-planned event and bringing an incredible experience to its attendees. It is a difficult job and requires the expertise of a professional event management service provider. You can contact JSQ Production for conference management in Singapore. JSQ Production is also a well-renowned dinner and dance organizer, with experience in planning both national and international level events all around Singapore. Visit JSQ Production to make your next event a great success!

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