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Why Wedding Livestream Services Can Be A Game-Changer

These days, live streaming has become more and more mainstream. With websites like YouTube and Facebook making it easier than ever for anyone to livestream, it has also popularised the idea of live-streaming for most people. In fact, according to EarthWeb.com, Facebook Live had over 2 billion viewers in 2020. Thus, while the pandemic is coming to an end, and there is no real distinct need to live-stream your wedding as people are actually able to attend it now, live streaming is still a great way to take your wedding to the next level.

Why should you consider live streaming your wedding?

There are a number of benefits that come with live streaming your wedding from ensuring that all friends and family can be included in the ceremony to giving you raw footage from the day. So let’s go through how wedding livestream services are the perfect addition to your special day.

You can invite a lot more people

While it may not be practical for a large number of guests to attend your physical wedding, you can invite a lot more people with a livestream. This can also greatly cut down on costs, since inviting guests to a live-stream is practically free. You won’t have to invest in a bigger space or more catering, as guests can simply attend with the live stream, while the physical wedding can be a lot smaller and more intimate with only close friends and family if that is something you prefer.

An unfiltered look at your wedding

Even if you are planning to video your wedding, a live-stream can give you a more raw and unfiltered view of your wedding. Moreover, you will have a video that is ready to download immediately after the wedding is over—you won’t have to wait weeks for a videographer to deliver his edited work.

Guests can watch it from wherever they want and whenever they want

Many guests might not be able to make it to your wedding, especially if they live in another country or have no way of attending the wedding due to prior commitments or other such issues. However, with wedding livestream services, you will be able to ensure that all your guests will be able to see your special day in a way that benefits their own schedule. If they missed the actual livestream, they can always watch a replay. This way, you can ensure all the important people in your life, no matter where they are, can still feel close to you on your special day.

Wedding livestream services made easy with JSQ Production!

While livestream services sound good on paper, you might be wondering how it will all work in practice, after all, there are a number of technical issues that could affect it. A spotty internet connection, a low phone battery or bad video quality can all be issues that you have to deal with.

However, these issues are easily addressed with JSQ Production. We offer some of the best wedding live streaming services in Singapore, ensuring that you are left with the best live viewing experience of this amazing celebration. Our trained staff can handle all the technical aspects of your stream perfectly, delivering a consistent and high-quality stream that will deliver the video of your wedding to your guests in the best possible manner. Depending on your goals, we can tailor a live-stream service package that suits your requirements along with your budget.

Contact us now to find out how we can make your wedding day truly iconic!

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