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Outdoor LED Screen Rental in Singapore

There are many types of LED display panels commercially available in the Singaporean market. Alphanumeric and light bar variants, segmented displays, dot matrices, and other combinations are some of the most popular choices. However, there are several points to consider when deciding to rent a display solution for your special event. This includes its projection, television, and LED Display. Event planning experts always recommend planning the technology used for your special events in advance. The technical equipment and devices such as screens that you are planning to include should always be appropriate for your event’s venue. Read on to learn the factors that you need to consider when looking for an outdoor LED screen for rental in Singapore.

Top four factors to consider when you select an LED wall rental

What are the contents you plan to display?

Have you ever given any thought to the type of content you plan to display on the LED screen during the event? When picking pixel pitch, this is frequently not taken into account, although it is an extremely crucial factor to consider. If you are displaying high-resolution graphics in an indoor space, you will want a smaller pixel pitch, as it will ensure your graphics appear more vivid. A larger pixel pitch is not ideal for conveying high-definition imagery indoors.

What kind of outdoor environment will house the LED screen?

When choosing display technology for an outdoor area, it's crucial to be concerned about the surroundings in which the screen will be located. For instance, the projection might not be bright enough if the outdoor hut receives a lot of ambient light. On the other hand, while you're contrasting LED with projection, structural factors must be taken into account as certain LED screens can be quite heavy.

Distance to the audience

The distance to the audience should also be considered when deciding on a pixel pitch for the LED wall. A screen with a 3mm screen should be viewed from a minimum distance of about 3 meters. The minimum optimum viewing distance is 3 meters, thus at that distance, you will notice some pixelation on a screen with a 3mm pixel pitch, but as you go back, the pixelation will start going away.


When the pixel pitch is small, the price rises. Although this is a crucial consideration, you might be surprised by what your budget allows. Any technology has a tipping point when the cost increases exponentially, but experts know that the price increases as the pixel pitch falls, and even sub 2.5mm pixel pitch screens are quite affordable as they are now produced in large quantities. You can determine the cost difference by asking for pricing for various sizes at the rental service. You can also check online for reviews for reliable and cheap LED wall rental services.

Rent an outdoor LED screen with JSQ Production

For outdoor LED screen rental in Singapore, you can visit JSQ Production today! JSQ Production is a fully-fledged event management and equipment rental company in Singapore and is renowned to offer the best quality customer service in Singapore.

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